Intro Post

Yikes! My life doesn’t fit!

Balancing life with (the ever elusive) time that’s always a few sizes too small.

My name is Angela. I’m the mom behind “M.O.M.’s” though the acronym doesn’t have anything really to do with me or being a mom. I thought I’d start blogging about my journey as a business owner who’s also a wife and mom of four (19, 3, 3, and almost 2 years old). I know, not super unusual or unique, but hey, here we are. We’re one year into the opening of the restaurant during the Covid pandemic and things are still, uh…going. I truly love all the pieces of my life from family and friends to managing MOMs, the little things and the big things, the shortest and the longest moments that bring me quiet rumblings or loud bursts of joy. My husband is the absolute best guy around. My kids are perfect in all of their needy, whiny and dependent ways. The biggest struggle? Making sure to balance things just right (is there such a thing?) so I don’t miss out on all of that good stuff that I mentioned ^^ . If I could draw, I’d put a picture in right here of the word “time” in bubble letters with all the different things I try to fit. I’m going to work on that as a visual 😉

I’m new to all of this blogging stuff, so bear with me. I hope to bring you plenty of nothing or everything about food, family and experiences. Along the way, I would love to connect with others who’ve got similar interests. #momsamore #food #family #restaurant #zerotohero

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